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I'm glad I got those stream-of-consciousness, ranty posts off my chest. Certainly I was asking the cosmos and possibly or hopefully strangers, to take a gander. Great first impression. THIS post will be a better example of my posts, if not daily events- just a topic and elaboration...

what brings my love to indie-films:
- lesser known/seen actors/actresses
- lesser told stories and screenplays, typically completely original
- movies range from intense, to avant-garde, to whatever you get in hollywood but 'almost' as good, and the best of these get noticed at festivals and re-released to the larger mainstream audience...
- okay this went from saying my favourite things- to just answering- what's an indie film? but you get it, I like them, there are some amazing cerebral, and philosophical experiences that can happen when a lesser known director takes the reigns and has the right amount of help.

some movies i recently enjoyed thoroughly:
- the netflix original series: Black Mirror & The OA
- Nymphomaniac (Volume 1 & 2)
- I Origins
- The East

All excluding Black Mirror, are collaborated on by either directors Mike Cahill or Zal Batmanglij, and this brilliant brilliant and interesting writer/actress named Brit Marling... and they aim to give us sensations that evoke thoughts of parallel universes, afterlife, morality questions... it's just amazing work. If you haven't heard of these titles, or the one i'm aiming to see but haven't yet "Another Earth" I urge and recommend you check them out!

Other favourite indie films include:
Roger Avary's The Rules Of Attraction, Danny Boyle's Trainspotting & Sunshine, believe it or not, Under The Skin (even though I don't understand it, it's hypnotic).

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