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So tonight was the first time in quite a few months that I went out (to an event i was looking forward to, mind you) on my own.. a david bowie tribute, downtown Kitchener. Fuck me, if 60% of the people there were all folks I knew from the music scene.

I went hungry, and hoping there would be sitting room.. there was neither
my old friend Daniela from college was there so we stood together for a while; getting pushed around by allot of people, staff had to squeeeeze through, and the bums and coke-heads started pouring in... bless their self-victimizing souls...
and deciding that no, i'm too old and not interested in getting fucked up, and too in-a-relationship to be out and standing uncomfortably, around going-to-get-laid dudes.. the one cokey guy was hitting on Dee,, which didn't bother me, except for if he was making her uneasy,, so on my way out, i pointed out where she could go sit among mutual friends.
I hit Wendy's on the way home, and there you have it, home at 11:30pm writing a blog, and allot more comfortable...

But alas, all types of people from the scene i've been interested in meeting and talking to, Ryan Cassidy, Tasha Allain and Jojo Worthington were there, old friends Dennis Napper, Ryan Allen, Lynn and Mark, people from the Boathouse and The Duke... and sadly, they all have known me to cut out early... the good friends in the band who were doing the tribute (which i thoroughly enjoyed the first hour and a half of) I didn't get to see finish.. I got to talk to them.. but I didn't like being in a position in which I couldn't help but leave for home, but on a night that I intended to enjoy late into the night. I miss being the guy who hadn't seen it all before and enjoying the night until i'd be up lazily typing a blog on here at 2:30am or so. But there you have it, a rare, but predictable on my account, Saturday night.

Missing Katie.

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