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So, of my two goals, very happily, one seems to be more likely, of the two...
I now have a journal/diary/blog, on a still active, supported, supporter-
- thanks dreamwidth creators
- I'm not sure how long it's been around, but in all of the important ways, it closely resembles Blurty, I used that mainly in 2003, and when I was 18 years old.
- Much like with the times, i've become allot different, that's life of course... and I've been able to overcome allot of things, i've improved, and various great and terrible experiences combined, have helped shape me with lessons and all that life can give you if you're ready, or not ready, but can adapt and all those wonderful things. I like all the important ways that i've remained myself, but as i've improved, i've only become more myself. That's what life is meant to be for all beings.

Unfortunately, the internet's changed in all sorts of ways too.
- When the internet went mainstream, mostly around the turn of the century (i didn't have full-time access to a computer until 2000, (so, 15-16) there were only certain types of people that were internet-nerds, internet-nerds was still a derogatory term given by all the people I knew in high school to be highly social, active on sports teams, good at or at least ABLE to talk to girls...
- Whereas i spent weeknights and weekends mostly on the net, watching movies, late-blooming, but it became something wonderful, because all of us from shades of light to dark, were a part of it together... we had websites, teen matchmaker.com, napster, ICQ-later MSN messenger, and forums.
- LiveJournal and Blurty were the first trendy blog supporters that came about, and for a few years, it was still only we, who had access to, and frequently used them.

- WHILE THAT WAS GOING ON... I was an 18 year old in Kitchener, using Blurty, and contacting (via Blurty-friending and comment threads), with about 20 people i'd never met, and was never going to meet. I had a bit more of a social life,, but I enjoyed that random comeradery,, because it was completely acceptable to be a stranger, and connect on the BASE level of being an introvert, on the BASE level of being an outsider so-to-speak, because your intellect was louder than your ability to be glib, and campaign to be liked.
- We pimped out our profiles and blogs with our personal reflections, troubles, pop culture we liked (and no longer cared if people thought it was lame), and we made these hard-as-lightning-to-capture random connections, with other bloggers, that had depth, and were meaningful,, these friendships meant something.

2004 - the dawn of myspace, and the true dawn of spam-bots, and truly undignified bullies and antagonizers
Insert, also the dawn of "i need to connect with everybody i know"
& "i have reasons to be afraid to connect with anyone I don't know"

2006 - when Facebook came to my town...
then twitter, then instagram,
the end of privacy,
then the end of social skills and society in so many sad, narcissistic, troublesome ways

I've been able to boycott social media, yay
i've been able to find a currently-functioning blog maker..
People on it are still actually blogging and communicating...
Which is where I find, I can no longer connect with strangers, because we all, understandably have too many things we know about TODAY's online world, in addition to just the basic privacy things that everyone always knew about since 1997

I've tried a few times, too hard, to make first contact, it was strange and unwelcome, hell it got awkward for me too!
Thanks for subscribing if you have
Don't worry, this blog is just for me, communicate only if you're truly inclined to,
sorry for anyone offended.


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