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Here's my attempt at a proper HELLO entry : D

So, at the very least, i'm looking for- and have found here on DW- a classic blogging website... as both (a) a way of expressing myself in the art of diary and blog (as in thoughts and feelings, opinions, quandaries, etc.)... and as a way of boycotting all of the B.S. that the internet has provided the world with, since I started blogging and went to College.

My next entry will start with myself at the age of 18, in 2003 (sentimental to me because of that part of my life and things going on offline), using Blurty and MSN Messenger, and only at home... and it'll go from there, but that was the pinnacle of NECESSARY social media. It peaked there, and then Mark Zuckerberg turned us all into 2-dimensional zombies, who aren't interested in getting to know more than the SurfacE, of the people around them.

The (b) intent: to find, meet and interact, with other people who've somehow found themselves on this platform.. who've been brave enough (since the internet's been warped by dick-photographers and mental cases that have nothing better to do then spam: spam or their negative)- sorry, brave enough, to share their thoughts and feelings on the net, the way the BLOG originally intended them to. example: people tweet, mainly PR for their glib social ability,, or use a tumblr, to repost something produced by someone else, and they're considered "deep",,, people take a photo, and they're a "photographer"?? people pose in-FRONT of the camera, and they're a "model"?? and sadly whether they can admit it or not,, most of the world has been reduced to this now... it's sad, it's really sad.

Someone tell me there's a life happening and a whirlwind of experiences and emotions along with it! Someone tell me there's someone who can type + a soul inside the body. Even if we're strangers, i'll be more than happy to read and comment on your journals, than clicking a like button on the minute-to-minute bullshit, posted by people i supposedly know in life.

Blog renaissance, Let it be.

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