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Birthdate:Oct 7
Location:Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
Website:my website
i have this blog, because i just can't pretend that everything is awesome all the time. on the one hand, i am a man in his early thirties, who works at a pork plant, and is going back to school for office-admin so I can get a career in a better environment that applies my actual skills, keeping physical activity at the gym, and I love my wonderful and beautiful girlfriend, Katie. on the other hand, i'm an ageless and genderless spirit, that wishes only to spend their time on this planet with art and philosophy and being positive,, but for so many reasons, mainly the real life as previously described, can't. So i fit happiness in where I can, see Katie when i get to, and GET through the work week, I deal with it. This blog helps me get the stuff off my chest that i feel the need to in leu of having people in my life outside of Katie, that can communicate beyond how night-lifey they are, how many selfies they can take, and how glib they are.
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